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File sharing between Host computer and virtual machine

Suppose you have installed one or more OS on virtual machine and you want to transfer files from your host computer to your virtual machine OS(Windows/Linux),  you can do it very easily.

Follow below simple steps:
  1. Select the VM OS in the vmware and from the menus, Go to VM-> Setting. See  figure.
  2. Go to second tab "Options" and then select shared folder.You will find that it is disabled.
  3. Now on the right, under "Folder sharing", select "Always enabled". Follow the figure.
  4. Then, from below "Folder" section, click on "Add" button.
  5. Click "Next" in the "Add shared folder wizard" and on the next window, browse the Host Path which you want to share.
  6. Click "Next", Now here,"Enable this share" must be checked. You can select "Read only" only if you don't want any modification on this shared folder at the virtual machine OS.
  7. Now, that shared folder will be listed on the "Folder" section. Now click "OK". 
  8. That's it , You are done.
  9. Now open your virtual OS(Window) and go to "My Network Places-> Entire Network->VMware shared Folder->vmware-host->Shared Folders"
  10. Here, you will find the folder you shared.
  11. Now from this place, you can copy any file or folder to your VMware OS or you can put a file into this folder to get it on your host machine.
  12. Done, Enjoy..

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