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How to generate private/public key from PEM file With PuttyGen

Hello folks,

In this tutorial we shall earna basic stuff.


So we have a .pem file which is key file to login to a remove server. 

Usually this is needed when you create a remote server on Cloud  and you choose to login with a key pair.

Or you create a key pair, in that case you will be given a *.pem file.

So please follow below steps to generate private key and public key from this file.

  1. Download puttygen from here https://www.puttygen.com/
  2. Install puttygen and run puttygen.exe
  3. Once the page pops up like below

4. click on Load and browse the pem file

5. click on OK .

6. Click on save private key to save private key

7. Similarly save public key to save public key



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