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How to give a global url to an HTML page? How to create a website with custom url?

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Here in this artice we will learn how to create a simple website with your custom url.

Suppose you have made a simple webpage. You want to make it global instead of putting it into your hard disc. You want to make it accessible globally.

  • Create a simple html file or a webpage containing some images, texts, links etc. Save it at firstPage.html
  • Now find a ISP (Internet service provider) or web hosting provider. Create an account with them.
  • You can get many web hosting providers or ISPs. Eg. godaddy.com, or


Even you can also own a web hosting provider if you have a system up 24x7. Additionally you may need apache server installed on your system.

  • Web hosting provider will create some web space either for free or for some charge.
  • Upload your webpage and other files to the space provided to you. There is always a limit of size and duration of the webspace provided to you.
  • Once you have kept your file their, an Ip address or url for that page will be given to you.

Eg. www.someISPname.com/yourUser-name/yourpage.html.

Now your webpage is not only present on your hard disc. You or anyone can access your webpage globally!!

  • If you want to give it a custom name or url like www.mywebsite.com, you will have to register your domain.
  • There are so many domain and webhosting provider.

Eg. godaddy.com for domains in India at a reasonable price 

domains.ucoz.com : domains by ucoz.com

  • But if you are a non-tecnical guy like me, not much good in HTML,CSS and web desigining, I would rather suggest you to create your first website using CMS
  • There are many websites which provides you easy ways to create your website  without using codes and by using simple user friendly web - interface i.e. CMS.
  • I would recommend you to use www.ucoz.com to start for this cause for free.

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