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Perl trick to remove Ctrl - M charater from a file

Hello open system guys,

we always get into situation where by we have to copy files from windows to/from Linux/UNIX/AIX syetsm. 

When this happens there is pretty much a chance that the ctrl - M character may be found in the files we receive from Window system.


If there is a control - M character in a batch or a script , the script will failed as hell saying "command not found"

The resolution is we have to remove them.

In today's article i will tell you how to do this using perl command.

I have already shared the linux/Unix command to do so at here


Simply use the below command :

perl -p -i -e 's/\r\n$/\n/g;' <filename>

The above command will work on the <filename> directly and remove any or all ctrl-M characters.in it.


It simply replaces '/r' by nothing. '/r' is a special character for ^M or ctrl - M.

g --- globally

s ---  substitite


If you like it share it..!







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