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Soving Rubik's Cube Second layer: Layered approach by Shanky

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This is the continuation to the article Soving Rubik's Cube First layer: Layered approach by Shanky

So, once the first layer is complete the Rubik's Cube will look like:

first layer

Now we shall move forward to solve the second layer.

Watch the video to solve Rubik's Cube 2nd layer using Shanky's Layered Approach

To solve the 2nd layer or middle layer with blue face at the top, we shall go as follows:

  • With blue center at the top, green center will be at the bottom, so we have to find edge pieces in bottom layer having no green color.
  • Get these 4 edge pieces into middle layer, to do so we have to do below steps:

blue top

  1. Allign the edges piece of botom layer with the first layer edge piece and  middle layer center piecec.(See above figure.)
  2. Eg. The first layer is having orange, is alligned to center piece orange of middle layer, get the edge piece having orange color in bottom layer in the same verical line as below.
  3. Note:- (Ignore the color of alligned vertical strip, it is red in below fig, but allignment should be like this).
  4. vertical allignment
  5. Now, focus on the other color of edge piece (red piece as in above figure or orange piece of 2nd fig from top) in bottom layer. You will notice that that color will match with the color of either the left center piece or the right center piece.
  6. If it matches with the left center piece, move the bottom layer away from the center (right), take the face having matching center piece down, bring the bottom layer back and take the face having matching center piece up. 
  7. When you do so, you will find that one of the corner in top layer is misplaced and it has come to bottom layer.

fixing corners

  1. If you remember the steps in first layer solving , you can fix it by using the same steps.
  2. Once this is done, the corner will go in top layer and the edge piece will be palced in middle layer.
  3. Do the same for all four edges.
  • So, if you do it well, the second layer is finished and the output will be as below. Here the blue face is at the bottom.

two layers done



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