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What is webmaster tool? What it is used for?

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Webmaster tools

It is a tool provided by Google and several other search engines to help submit your website to Google, Bing or yahoo etc.

Google Webmaster Tools is a service provided by Google for webmasters free of cost. It allows webmasters to submit and check indexing status and optimize the visibility of websites.

The list of inbound links on Google Webmaster Tools is generally much larger than the list of inbound links that can be discovered using the link: somesite.com search query on Google itself.

The list of links generated when searched by a link: somesite.com  are deemed by Google to be "important" links in a controversial way. Google Webmaster Tools, as well as the Google index, seems to routinely ignore link spam.

You can add or submite as many sites as you want to webmasters. It helps you feed your urls to the biggest search engines and hence your urls are indexed.
The more your website urls are indexed, the more is your website visibility in search engines.

To use this tool, first you need to login using your google account.
Once you are logged in,


Once You have submitted your website to google, It will be listed in webmaster dashboard, where you can manage your website very efficiently.

Below will the dashboard of your tool containing all the site added:


Now, click on any one of the website to manage it. You will see the complete status of your website like how many urls of your site has been submitted to google, how many of them are indexed

You can click on ""Add a site" as shown in above picture, to add your website to webmaster tool.

You can have a graphical view of the clicks and impressions on your website on a daily or weekly basis.


The indexing of urls out of submitted ones is managed by google. It may even take very long time. The more the page is searched on google, the faster it is indexed.

One must add a sitemap to webmasters, see the 3rd graph.Adding a site map helps web crawlers to look or overlook into the urls of your website.




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